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Biodiversity Green Flag


The Green Schools committee members were delighted at the end of April when they received the news that they had been awarded the 5th Green Flag for the school. It had been an unusual couple of years conducting all the steps needed for the application, but it all came together in the end. The theme of this flag is ‘Biodiversity’ and the committee took on the task of adding lots to the grounds of the school to encourage the presence of wild plants and animals over the course of the two years. There were twenty-six trees planted, grassy areas left wild and bird boxes installed, to name but a few of the measures undertaken. The school community was educated on the reasons behind these actions, and all agreed on the wonderful benefits they brought to the school. The team also maintained the other four themes (Litter and waste, Energy, Water, and Travel) and continue to strive to make the school eco-friendlier on a weekly basis. 

We look forward to raising the new flag on the school grounds following the on-line ceremony on the 25th of May.

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By Eve Daly

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