Pastoral Care

The aim of our pastoral care programme is to gain knowledge of each student as an individual person, so that we are better equipped to make her school experience a happy and successful one. The potential of each individual is recognised and respected. The school's Christian values and highly developed caring ethos form the basis of our excellent pastoral care system.

All First Year students participate in a one-day orientation programme to help them make the adjustment from primary to secondary school.

Each student is assigned a Tutor Teacher who takes a special interest in monitoring progress in all areas, personal, academic and social. Students also have a Year Head who monitors the whole year group.

We encourage the development of leadership skills, producing leaders who will be willing to work with others for the benefit of all. To encourage leadership skills, the school has a successful prefect structure within the school through a structured system of Head Girls, Senior Prefects, Sport Captains and Student Council Representatives.

Learning support is provided by the Learning Support Department.

Contact with Parents

We value contact and co-operation with parents. Each year group has a parent-teacher meeting once a year. There are regular information evenings on aspects of curriculum and school life. Reports are issued twice yearly for all students following in-house exams at Christmas and at the end of the school year. The school has a Parents' Association. Parents are welcome to become involved in the association and in all the activities organised by it. All students are notified in advance of such activities.

Newsletters are sent to parents on a regular basis throughout the school year.

Code of Behaviour

Positive behaviour is an important aspect of school life and in the formation of a young person. Indeed, it is a hallmark of a good disciplinary system that it helps the young person to develop an effective self discipline, which will be of benefit all through life. We believe that school discipline is a shared responsibility which can only be effectively discharged and maintained through the active co-operation of all those involved - teachers, students, parents, management and trustees. The school's Code of Behaviour helps to create and maintain a safe healthy atmosphere and environment which is conducive to learning.

Before entering the school, it is necessary for each student and parent/guardian to read, understand, accept and sign the school rules and Code of Behaviour.
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