Communication with Parents

Education is an ongoing process, where the school complements and extends the ideals of the home. Parents and teachers work together as partners in education. Regular communication between school and home is facilitated by:

路 Regular letters to all parents from the Principal on events and activities.

路 Letters to the parents of particular year groups addressing issues of concern to that year group.

路 Letters from Year Heads to parents regarding unexplained or persistent student absences.

路 Parent-Teacher meetings for each year group.

路 Individual appointments. Parents are always welcome to contact the college office in order to make an appointment with the Principal, Deputy Principal or a member of staff.

路 Progress reports on individual students when requested.

路 Attendance reports on individual students when requested.

路 Behaviour reports on individual students when requested.

路 Regular meetings of the Parents' Association.

路 Parents' representatives on the Board of Management.

路 Articles and photographs published in local newspapers.

Parents/Guardians have a vital role to play in the management of their daughter's behaviour in school. Time should be given to discussing the Presentation Secondary School's Code of Behaviour and explaining the value and importance of the rules and regulations therein. Younger students, especially, will need this guidance on a regular basis. Parents/Guardians are expected to support the school's efforts to create a learning environment that meets the needs of all and are asked to:

路 Provide written notes for all absences. Absences should be kept to a minimum and holidays during term time should be avoided.

路 Attend parent/teacher meetings.

路 Attend meetings arranged by the Year Head, Discipline Committee and the Principal.

Parents/Guardians have a particularly important role to play in the area of homework/revision. Students should be expected to spend at least two hours every night at homework and revision. Every effort should be made to provide a quiet location and regular times for this work to be done in the evenings. The co-operation of parents/guardians in ensuring that their daughter arrives to school on time, in her proper school uniform, and with the appropriate books is essential.

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