Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent-Teacher Meetings provide a valuable opportunity to meet with your child's teacher(s) in a one-to-one setting. Furthermore, your attendance reminds your child that you care about her progress and her school.

At a Parent-Teacher Meeting, you will meet with all or most of your child's subject teachers (around six to ten individual teachers). At each level the objectives are similar. It is a chance to see how your child is getting on in school, where their strengths and weaknesses lie, how they socialise with other children in the classroom, playground, and extra-curricular activities. It is also a chance for your teacher to learn more about your child in order that you can work together for your child's success.

Managing their child's education can be daunting for some parents, who may carry feelings of anxiety from their own schooldays. However, many parents are surprised to learn that teachers, especially new ones, are equally anxious about meeting parents. So the best way to approach is to be positive and remember you are working on the same team.

It helps to do a little a little advance work to maximise this valuable time at Parent-Teacher Meetings. Here are a few pointers that may help:

  • Talk to your child. Let her know about the meeting and ask her if there is anything they would like you to raise with her teacher(s).
  • If you have any previous school reports, check them for progress, trends, and behaviour problems, and also for the names of your child's subject teachers.
  • Come with prepared questions. Jot them down and anything else you want to raise in order to keep focused.
  • The teacher will usually start with an outline of your child's progress and will probably have examples of their work, and some test marks. Try and keep your questions specific and ask the important ones first.

Sample Questions
Emphasis and questions change as your child makes her way up through the school, but here is a range of sample questions you may find useful.

  • What area is she best at?
  • Is she working to the best of her ability?
  • Does she understand what she reads?
  • Are there any areas she finds difficult? If so what are these specific areas?
  • Do you have any suggestions as to what I might do at home to help?
  • Does she participate in class?
  • How does she relate to others in the class?
  • Does she hand up homework /assignments on time, completed and at an acceptable level?
  • How does she compare with the rest of the class?
  • Does she have difficulty paying attention/following instructions/organising work or notes?
  • Is there anything about her performance or behaviour that you are concerned about?
  • Is she coping with the particular subject level?
  • How does she cope with exam stress?
  • If your child has learning difficulties, ask the teacher to explain what help is available and if other courses of action need to be taken.
  • Remember to take notes, as it's easy to forget something, particularly with the number of teachers to see at secondary level


  • If you need to review anything suggest a further meeting there and then or phone/e-mail/write and set up an appointment that suits both of you.
  • Let your child know how the meeting went. Children are usually curious to know what their teacher(s) think about them


The dates and times of the Parent-Teacher Meetings for the school 2016-2017 are:




6th Year

Thursday October 13th


3rd Year

Wednesday November 30th


5th Year

Tuesday December 13th


2nd Year

To be decided

1st Year

To be decided

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