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Senior Business

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Subject Overview

The Leaving Certificate Business course has been designed to prepare students for the rapidly changing business environment. It is concerned with the understanding of the environment in which business operates in Ireland and in the wider world.

This is a practical and vocationally-oriented course that introduces students to the world of Business in a straightforward and logical way. It aims to create an awareness of the importance of Business activity and to develop a positive and ethical attitude towards it.

The course sets out to illustrate practical skills needed by entrepreneurs, the process of setting up a business and developing a new product or service. It emphasises the importance of good management and deals with skills and activities necessary for good management practice. It also deals with the impact of technology, foreign trade, global firms, business structures and the national economy.

If you have already studied Business at Junior Certificate level, this course will build on your knowledge.To succeed in this subject, you will need an interest in what's going on around you, a willingness to work hard and plenty of common sense.

Why study Leaving Certificate Business?

  • It contributes to a balanced and appropriate general education, leading to the personal and social development of each student together with a fostering of the concepts of business and enterprise.
  • It creates an awareness of the business environment and provides each student with the knowledge, understanding and skills leading to a personal competence and responsible participation in this changing and challenging environment.
  • It caters for present-day Irish business education and allows students to demonstrate an understanding of the complex and changing situations within business.
  • It continues from, and develops Business Studies at Junior Certificate.

· It provides an educational background that will help you succeed in a wide variety of jobs.

· It prepared students for further education and for adult and working life, including the creation of positive attitudes towards self-employment.

The members of the Business Studies Department are:-

Ms. Sandra Keating

Ms. Rae Meagher

Mr. Vivian Lonergan